Sunday, May 9, 2021


"Cosmos" is the final part of Caballero Reynaldo's trilogy : "Cromos", "Cronos", "Cosmos".
On Bandcamp, Luis González explained that this is Caballero Reynaldo's final release. 

He added :
Some 50 unedited recordings remain in the pipeline (discards, rarities, songs for compilations, etc.) that perhaps with time I would like to see the light of day. In addition, there are some albums that probably deserve remixes and updates in the future, since for various reasons they were released so quickly that they cry out for a facelift. I will keep the conservation and visibility of the entire discography active, but I will not record anything new under the brand name «Caballero Reynaldo». My creative and exhibitionist needs are more than satisfied, and if not, I will do them under the mantle of any other character, anonymously or with The Visionaries.

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