Monday, April 30, 2018


I saw The GrandMothers Of Ivention in concert last week. Once in Heerlen and again in Tilburg.

Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Ed Mann and Christopher Garcia.

The Heerlen concert was quite a disaster, actually. Lots of mixer and monitor sound problems took the vibe away. Not only for the audience, but also for the musicians. Once that the issues had been resolved, the keyboards still sounded saturated... Quite frankly, It was a mess. Despite some fine solos, this concert could not be saved.

Tilburg was quite another story. With no scheduled or unscheduled breaks, the band played for two hours. Tight, or at least more tight then in Heerlen, and with great solos, it was like this was a completely different band. Add a superb sound (tip to the hat for the soundguy) and a fine audience and one gets a great evening.

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