Sunday, August 16, 2015


Driving in to the town of Bad Doberan is like coming home.
For quite a number of years now, the Zappanale festival has become the place where I meet friends and listen to good music. Two of my favorite things.
This year, I arrived in Zappa Town around noon.

First things first, so I went to the expo in the centre of Bad Doberan.
Before entering the actual expo (Cynthia Plaster Caster and her displays), I said hi to Robert, Dieter and Burkhard who, once again, had produced a fabulous expo.

I also picked up a set of DVDR's with recordings of the concerts that had been given in the main exhibition the previous year.

The first DVD that caught my eye was the Don Preston and Bunk Gardner concert and interview.
I was in the audience at the time and had enjoyed it a lot. Great to see it being made available on DVD (and also on blu-ray).

2014/07/18 zappanale exhibition room, bad doberan, germany

don preston: keyboards
bunk gardner: saxophone, flute

also features an interview hosted by jim cohen

- intro
- twenty small cigars (f.zappa)
- free energy (d.preston)
- king kong (f.zappa)
- the jim cohen interview
- the eric dolphy memorial bbq (f.zappa)
- outro

bonus material

- zappanale #25 review clip
- zappanale #25 on tv (ndr)
- we are the other people - the book

Nice. Very nice.
Also available at the Zappateers website:

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