Saturday, October 19, 2013


In 1977, the LAFMS (the Los Angeles Free Music Society) released a vinyl album in a limited edition of 500 copies. The album carried a Don Van Vliet drawing on the cover and presented some of the weirdest music and sounds around. It was a sampler entitled "Blorp Esette".

About three years later, the LAFMS released the second volume of Blorp Esette. A 2LP-set, again with a cover drawing by Don Van Vliet.

Mastermind behind these Blorp Esette samplers was one of the LAFMS founding members: Ace Farren Ford.
15 years ago, Ace Farren Ford teamed up with Michael Sheppard (of the Transparency record label), and the both of them released a 4CD "Blorp Esette" set that not only included the two early vinyl albums, but also a lot of unheard material.
And now there's "The Blorp Esette Gazette", the audio magazine.

It's brand-new and it's too weird for words.
This is music from  the other side of the fence.
Check it out.

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