Sunday, June 23, 2013


Ostrich Von Nipple, r0b0t and Shitty Bedford present "Oh, Fearsome! Nipple?".
It's a 15-minute epos that got released by the German Psychofon Records label.

The piece is inspired by Vel Fritt's "Oh, Fearsome! Head'".
The mighty web lets us take a peek at some pictures from the "Oh, Fearsome! Head!" performance.

Imagine walking on a fair on a different planet. This is what you might see and hear.
I like it.

This mini-album comes in a limited release of 100 CDRs and the CDR itself looks like if it's made of vinyl: black on both sides, and with a label.
There's also a a collector's edition of 33 copies that includes a nipple-bag and buttons.
Check it out here:

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