Thursday, September 22, 2016


a message from Zappatika

After a tumultuous few months,since the last tour,the squeaky new version of ZAPPATiKA has now been finalized and is,may i say, as sharp as a razor, as tight as... a nut and as much fun as a barrel full of chimpanzees on amphetamines -
(Possibly due to all the Italian influence)
The new ZAPPATiKA line up is :

Mr Jeff Hollie (USA) -(Saxophone & Vocals)
Mr Zap Mcinnes (UK) - (Guitar & Vocals)
Mr Hieronymus van Dam (NL)- (Synth,Vocals,Percussion,Keys)
Mr Diego Mocci (ITA) - (Drums)
Mr Joep Oosterbaan (NL) - (Bass guitar)

and two new additions ...
Mr Emile Chill (USA) - (Guitar & Vocals)
Mr Osman Meyredi (ITA) - (Keyboards & Vocals)

The band will start touring again from the end of October 2016 and will produce a new Studio album through the coming Winter.. The latest live album :Welcome to the Starlight Lounge" (featuring Ike Willis) has just been released and is available at online stores.

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