Thursday, September 22, 2016


  • roma amor: on the wire
        (2014, cd, austria, klanggalerie)
Roma Amor is Euski (vocals, guitar, synth, drum machine) and Candela (accordion, bass, korg monotron, samples).
Discogs tells me that Roma Amor has released five albums. All but one have been released on the Old Europe Cafe record label.
"On The Wire" was the duo/trio's fourth album. The only one that got released by Klanggalerie.

Fans of French cabaret chansons (but they do sing in English and in Italian !!) will love this. It makes sense that their other albums got released on a label called Old Europe Cafe, as this is exactly how they sound.
Perfect music to enjoy an evening after a sunny day.

11 tracks, most of them originals, but also an exceptional coverversion of Bowie/Eno''s 'Deranged'.

Out on Klanggalerie.

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