Sunday, September 11, 2016


Spring 2016, Ike Willis teamed up with Zappatika to tour Holland, Germany and the UK. Different tracks from these concert were glued together into one big concert, into one big track.

Zap Mcinnes explains : "As we believe that any great album should be listened to in ONE sitting we are releasing this album as a single continuous file and it will NOT be available in individual tracks. This applies to all Digital Stores like I-Tunes,Spotify etc and also to the physical CDs.
So if you need to take a pee or go to the shops then you'll just have to hit Pauze .....but try hang out for 75 minutes and get the whole thing !"

"The whole thing" as Zap calls it, is pretty impressive.
It's a great collection of songs, showcasing Ike Willis on vocals and on the guitar (!!).
Ike did a great job, the Zappatika lads were in great shape, and, last but not least, there's Jeff Hollie and Craig 'Twister' Steward as special guests.

Just take a look at the tracklist :
  1. more trouble every day
  2. broken hearts are for assholes
  3. ms pinky
  4. crew slut
  5. zoot allures
  6. magic fingers
  7. the torture never stops
  8. i'm the slime
  9. filthy habits
  10. a token of my extreme
  11. watermelon in easter hay
  12. why does it hurt when i pee?
  13. outside now
This is a fine album. It sounds great as well. It's a very clear and well-mixed recording where you can actually hear every instrument!

"Welcome to the Starlight Lounge" should be released any day now.
And not just on iTunes and Spotify, but it should also be made available on CD.

Here's 'More Trouble Every Day', the first track of the album :

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