Friday, September 23, 2016


The Grandsheiks play the music of Frank Zappa, and they're pretty damn good at it.
"Prisoners" will bring you a video recording of last year's Grandsheiks Halloween concert.
For me, the gig started with a nice surprise as the band featured Werner Neumann on the guitar.
Werner Neumann is an extraordinary guitar player. He's part of Drei Vom Rhein and also performs with Stefan Hüfner's Zappata project.

The Grandsheiks

  • Daniel Guggenheim: sax, keyboards
  • Jörg 'Doc' Heuser: guitar, vocals
  • Maximilian Hilbrand: lead vocals
  • Christian Majdecki: drums
  • Andi Mertens: bass, vocals
  • Werner Neumann: guitar, vocals

Furthermore, the band was enlarged with The Horny Hornz quartet,
AND with the one and only Napoleon Murphy Brock.

Incredible musicians and a great set of tunes. What else do you need?
An amazing recording.
Superb !

Get it here:

Here's a little sample.

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