Thursday, September 22, 2016


  • lovely little girls: glistening vivid splash
        (2016, cd, uk, skin graft records)
Skin Graft Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a very fine release : a new album by Lovely Little Girls (and not Lonely Little Girls as you might think after seeing the record cover).

"Glistening Vivid Splash" is the second album by the Lovely Little Girls, a nine-piece progressive rock / avant-garde jazz band from Chicago.
Adventurous rhythms, beautiful compositions and funny (in words and sounds).

I love it.
Progressive rock and avant-garde jazz. The perfect combination.

There's a bit of Magma in there, and maybe a bit of Residents as well, but it's definitely Lovely Little Girls.

Out on Skin Graft Records.

Available from Mandaï.

Here's a little live clip.
It should give you an idea...

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