Sunday, September 18, 2016


MoonJune Records has just released "Pasar Klewer", an incredible 2 CD set by Indonesion pianist and composer Dwiki Dharmawan.
Next to bass player Yaron Stavi and percussionist Asaf Sirkis, who form the core trio with Dwiki Dharmawan, the album features an impressive list of contributors: Nicolas Meier, Mark Wingfield, Boris Savoldelli, the Jess Jegog Gamelan Orchestra,... Each one adding beautiful textures to the whole.

Most of the compositions are original tunes, but there's also a tune by Asas Sirkis, one by Benny Corda, and two times Robert Wyatt's 'Forest' (one with vocals and one instrumental version).
"Pasar Klewer" is an incredible album.
Modern jazz with an Indonesian flavour.

I love it.
Highly recommended.
Sound samples and more info at :

Here's a snippet of Dwiki Dharmawan's World Peace Orchestra, performing 'Jazz For Freport'.
In concert in 2014.

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