Sunday, September 11, 2016


When I ordered Adrian Belew's recent "Flux" album, I also added a couple of other albums that I seemed to have missed or forgotten. One of them was called "Sixteen" and I think it was released in 2015.
The album presents 16 classic Belew songs (hence the title), remixed / reworked by engineer, producer and tech wizard Daniel Roland.
It sounds great !!

  1. big blue sun
  2. men in helicopters
  3. burned by the fire we make
  4. i remember how to forget
  5. here
  6. looking for a ufo
  7. people
  8. on
  9. bad days
  10. man in the moon
  11. house of cards
  12. time wiats
  13. one of those days
  14. fly
  15. postcard 1967

Here's an interview with Daniel Roland (on working with Adrian Belew) :

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