Saturday, November 14, 2015


from the Steve Vai newsletter

Steve Vai and Sony Records will be publishing a special 25th Anniversary Edition of "Passion and Warfare" that includes an entire album that Steve calls "the missing link between Flex-Able and Passion and Warfare." This package will include a newly mastered "Passion and Warfare", a DVD of snippets of vids in the studio while recording PAW, interview footage from the period, and the promotional videos that were released for PAW. The package will also include a CD of re-worked material that was recorded or written between the releases of Flex-Able and Passion and Warfare.

If you are aware of the music on "Flex-Able" and "Passion and Warfare" it may seem as though two different people made those records. The growth was exponential on all levels. There was a lot of music that was tracked but never finished, and a lot of material that was written but not recorded between these two records and Steve thought it appropriate to take a handful of that music and work it up into a new release. The record sounds like the cro-magnon missing link between the guy that made "Flex-Able" and the guy that made "Passion and Warfare"." The name of this record is "Modern Primitive". Largely recorded or written during the 1984-1990 time period, these songs will satisfy the deepest fans; music that ranges from intensive, to delicate melodic chasms to the masterpieces that some might agree are magnificently bizarre! Steve is now recording additional guitar parts and breathing the last 25 years of recording advances and musicality into these songs.

Look for this release in mid 2016 and for info on the unique promotional Anniversary release tour Steve will be scheduling for summer and fall of 2016.

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