Sunday, November 1, 2015


Robbie 'Seahag' Mangano brought along a new release on his recent tour with The Banned From Utoppia.  "Full Moon Fever" actually is his second solo album, his first one being "We'll Got To Be About Da Bidnus".
"Full Moon Fever" is a great album. And not just because it has Betty Page on the album cover.
The disc presents 15 tracks plus about 12 demos. It displays an excellent mixture of styles including some very zappa-esque pieces and guitar solos.
Lots of guest appearances as well. Lots of familiar sounding names including former Project/Object colleagues, but also Don Preston, Napoleon Murphy Brock and Ed Mann.

Subtitled "Limited European Edition", this might not be the easiest album to track down once the BFU tour finishes, so get it while you can !


Unfortunately, the Seahag's first album is sold out (which is not too surprising if you consider that it was released in 2002).. It's still available as a download, but those of us who like to surround themselves with the real deal physical object will not have an easy task tracking it down.
Robbie was telling me that he was considering to remix his first album as it was very lo-fi. That would be nice. And even nicer if it would get a CD-release.
In the meantime, "Full Moon Fever" will do nicely.

The Seahag has performed with Project/Object, The Grandmothers and witih The Banned From Utopia (and I'm just mentioning the Zappa tribute bands).
Here's a guitar solo from a concert with The Grandmothers !!

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