Tuesday, November 3, 2015


  • adam rudolph: turning towards the light
        (2015, cd, usa, cuneiform)
Adam Rudolph's first release on the Cuneiform record label has him leading a group of 11 guitarists through a set of 13 composed (or improvisatinally conducted) works.
The result sounds rather impressive.

From Roulette:
This is the 10th release of Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Orchestra since he began developing the concept in 2001. With “Turning Towards the Light” Rudolph has envisioned and realized a new kind of orchestral sound. He says: “I try to do something new with each performance and recording I do. This time I wanted to experiment with a new kind of orchestration. I felt that the range of sound and rhythm these 11 electric guitars could generate a sonic palate that had never been heard before. I was looking for a new kind of “future orchestra” and I think we found it.”

released by Cuneiform records.

available from Mandai.

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