Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Review of the year 2013
Back to the roots...
... what was different at Zappanale #24?

After experiments with and financial results of Zappanale #23 we took stick, well-founded. I for my part was anything but happy with the outcome.

But where do we go from here?

Already at Zappanale #23 we got together, sat down and outlined the framework for Zappanale #24. In addition interviews by phone with approx. 80 visitors gave us a lot of proposals, suggestions, wishes and recommendations.

And we tried to realize it, and for me these are the most important points:

1. more Zappa music
2. more breaks
3. starting with the performances at a later time
4. focusing on vacation and event
5. more fun
6. more possibilites to take shelter by rain and sun
7. more seatings
8. improvement of the culinary offer
9. more attention for the exhibition, revaluation of the Arf stand with red sofa, interviews etc.
10. offers for the possibilite to move around (bycicles, Molli etc.)
11. more sun :-)

Zappanale #24 made clear that we are on the right track. I also experienced it from this year's audience through a lot of spontaneous and positive feedbace and it was fortified by questioning more than 300 visitors on the festival grounds.

I was very pleased to discover numerous new faces among the guests  - never before at a Zappanale i've seen so many women and young people like this year. Your wish for nice weather may have contributet a part, too.

The whole issue makes me confident regarding the next years - even when Zappa fans aren't getting younger  - and with the new concept we will make it for some more years.

Result: There will be no more "Higher-Faster-Further". Zappanale can't be compared with any other festival, and we want to preserve the uniqueness and go together with you into the coming years.

I wish you all the best for 2014, a lot of music that is worth listening to and terrific days in July at 
Zappanale #25..

Wolfhard Kutz

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