Wednesday, January 1, 2014


"We’re not kidding! Dreams do come true, wishes are fulfilled: the iconic avant-garde American performance art collective The Residents has written music for Grace Ellen Barkey and Needcompany! The Residents leapt onto her shoulders and grabbed hold of her unruly hair, and then they galloped off together into another dimension and danced a divine duet. Just imagine: The Residents, the masters of weird, and Grace Ellen Barkey, the president of the movement against melancholy." 

new dates have been added !!

06 Mar20:30TONGEREN   CC De Velinx
12 Mar20:00GENT   Kunstencentrum Vooruit
13 Mar20:00GENT   Kunstencentrum Vooruit
15 Mar20:30STROMBEEK   CC Strombeek
26 Mar20:30ANTWERPEN   Kunstencentrum Monty
27 Mar20:30ANTWERPEN   Kunstencentrum Monty

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