Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I received my copy of the new Don Preston album yesterday. The vinyl version of the album presents two tracks.

The first one is from 1967 and it's entitled 'Electronic'. It was generated on a home-made synthesizer and a series of oscillators (40!!) and six filters. 'Electronic' is a 15-minute experimental piece, with pulsating rhythms and extraterrestrial sounds. It got recorded at the time when The Mothers were playing at The Garrick. It's hard to imagine that it's over 40 years old...

The second composition consists of 7 pieces that were composed around 1975. These are called 'Analog Heaven #1' up to 'Analog Heaven #7", and were performed on a modular Moog synthesizer. Beautiful soundscapes that will take you on an electronic journey.

The CD contains one extra track, 'Fred & Me', which is a collaboration between Don Preston and percussionist Fred Stoflett. It's a composition that will bring you in a meditative state of mind. Nice. Very nice. As it was recorded in 1982, the CD has a different date in the title: "Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967 - 82".

"Filters, Oscialltors & Envelopes" is a remarkable release. It will appeal to fans of experimental and electronic music. It shows yet another side of Don Preston's musical genius.

Essential listening.

Did I tell you that the vinyl version also comes in a limited (and very beautiful) marbled white vinyl edition?


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