Saturday, July 16, 2011


UniMuta: Hi Candy, about "To Be Perfectly Frank", I like the idea of putting audio snippets between the music. How did you pick these? And what's the link with the Neonfire album?

Patrice 'Candy' Zappa: Actually, the CD was re-mixed by Greg Russo, author of "Cosmik Debris", a book about Frank, and my friend and lawyer Larry Rogak put the snippets of Frank in between the songs.

UniMuta: What other things have you been doing lately? Any plans for the near future?

Patrice 'Candy' Zappa: I've been getting my second publishing of my book, "My Brother Was A Mother, Volume 2" together and i will be doing a live interview with Bobby Marquis on, a Canadian radio station on Thursday, July 28th between 2 and 3pm, Pacific Standard Time.
My husband, Nolan Porter, and I have been working on music and plan to get another band together to do some local gigs in the near future. We will be holding auditions in the soon.

UniMuta: That sounds good. In about a month, we'll have another go at Zappanale in Bad Doberan. How do you look back on your visit to the little german Zappa-town.

Patrice 'Candy' Zappa: My memories of the Zappanale are wonderful and exciting! I had the best time there and met so many Frank fans and I was there for the dedication of the bust of Frank in the park.
I also got to perform some of Frank's songs and the Ed Palermo Band was terrific! i loved it there and was hoping to be invited back.

If you want to find out more about Candy's new book, or if you want to listen to some of her music, be sure to listen to CKCK-FM on 2011/07/28.

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