Monday, November 1, 2010


Gail Zappa - On Stage and Off
Main Space / Doors 7pm (performance 7.30pm)

Gail Zappa makes a rare and much anticipated appearance to introduce this celebration of Frank Zappa's amazing music and incredible influence on musicians from all genres. Gail will share her observations and talk about the challenges of being married to one of the 20th century's most prolific and influential composers. As a champion of copyright and licensing protection, and guardian of Frank Zappa's legacy, Gail and The Zappa Family Trust have made possible a weekend which will offer a unique insight into the life of a remarkable artist.

The London Contemporary Orchestra perform the music from The Yellow Shark
The Yellow Shark, the last album to be released before Zappa's death in 1993, is a collection of compositions written for chamber orchestra, including G-Spot Tornado, Dog Breath Variations, Get Whitey and Be-Bop Tango. This is a unique opportunity to experience a performance of all the available transcribed works in one incredible performance by the London Contemporary Orchestra conducted by Hugh Brunt, under the watchful eye of Ali N Askin, who worked 'under Frank Zappa's baton' on the original Yellow Shark concerts performed by the Ensemble Modern in 1992.

The London Contemporary Orchestra & Roundhouse Music Collective
Wild Imaginings: the music that influenced Zappa

The London Contemporary Orchestra, together with the Roundhouse Music Collective, explore the inspirations and influences behind Zappa's music - from the early 20th-century experimentation of Varèse and Stravinsky, to fuzz-infused rock'n'roll, swinging '50s Doo Wop and the work of Eric Dolphy. The Roundhouse AV Collective will produce accompanying visuals, inspired by early cine Americana.

Gail Zappa in conversation with Ali N Askin, Todd Yvega & Frank Filipetti
Studio Theatre / 5.30pm

From 1991-93, Ali N Askin was Zappa's assistant. His responsibilities included some arrangements for The Yellow Shark project with the Ensemble Modern. He continues to work with The Zappa Family Trust, including transcribing The Adventures of Greggery Peccary and Other Persuasions for the Ensemble Modern, and reconstructing the original scores of the orchestral pieces in Zappa's legendary film, 200 MOTELS. From 1989, Todd Yvega was Frank's musical assistant and computer expert, responsible for synclavier progamming and transcribing synclavier works. He developed customised software to meet Frank's esoteric needs. Grammy-winning music producer Frank Filipetti is the first engineer to be invited to work on The Zappa Family Trust's current and future releases. As one of the first engineers to really embrace digital technology and surround sound, he has a hugely impressive list of credits, from Barbra Streisand to Dolly Parton.

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