Thursday, November 11, 2010


Tohpati might be known to you as the guitar player of simakDIALOG. Since 1998, Tohpati has also been releasing solo records.

His latest project is called Tohpati Ethnomission and it has a brand-new album out on MoonJune Records. "Save The Planet" combines beautiful electric and midi guitar fusion lines with indonesian percussion. It's a treat.

Tohpati has mentioned John McLaughlin, John Scofield and Robert Fripp as his influences, and that's exactly what you should expect when you give Tohpati Ethnomission a try. This is top jazz-rock.

What stands out for me on this album is the excellent rhythm section: percussionists Demas Narawangsa and Endang Ramdan plus bass guitarist Indro Hardjodikoro lay out a very exotic, energetic basis. Combined with the guitar of Tohpati, at its best moments in unison with the suling (wooden flute) of Diki Suwarjiki, Tohpati Ethnomission takes off for an impressive journey.

Essential listening.

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