Sunday, November 15, 2020


Gene Pritsker : 
I would like to tell you about my new release called ‘EroicAnization’. This project came out from a collaboration I did with the Nuremberg based ensemble KONTRASTE, who commissioned me to write a piece based on Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony, we premiered it New Year’s Day 2020, and recorded it after the premiere. 
‘EroicAnization’ is for Di.J. and Chamber Ensemble. Also on the album is the encore piece which plays with Beethoven’s famous piano piece, "Für Elise," which I call "Für Elise Charleston." The album starts with "Ludwig’s Night Out". We were in the middle of the pandemic and decided to remotely record a new composition/arrangement based on Beethoven. The result was "Ludwig’s Night Out" for electric guitar, keys, electric bass and drum set, based on Beethoven’s Violin & Piano Sonata No. 4. 

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