Sunday, October 7, 2018


  • frank zappa - them or us
    translated by thierry bonhomme
        (2018, book, france, philharmonie de paris)

I'm not really counting, but my bookshelf tells me that at least 150 books have been released (in various languages) on the subject of Frank Zappa. A bit overwhelming now that I think of it...
Only a handful of these had FZ's cooperation or were actually written, co-written or approved by Frank Zappa.
There's "The Real Frank Zappa Book", "The Zappa Songbook", and, of course, "Them Or Us", a mix of various older screenplays like Hunchentoot, Billy The Mountain and Thing-Fish.

On the occasion of the Zappa Weekend in Paris, the latter title has been translated in French.
It's a beautiful book. Hardcover, bound and 520 pages.

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