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You might have seen vibraphone player and composer Pieter Claus in concert already as he was part of Humble Grumble for a couple of years. Or maybe you've seen or heard him in one of his Zappa projects. He was the man behind Whatchamacallit (2001/2002), and he's also the driving force of Sinister Sister, a superb jazz quintet that performs Pieter's arrangements of Frank Zappa tunes.
Next to playing other people's music, Pieter also composes original material. Performances are rare, but always impressive. I've seen Pieter in concert with Fabian Fiorine once and I know that he has been performing with a trio and a quartet as well. The trio, by the way, does have a nice intergalactical, catchy name: Pieter Claus Trio, or PC3O as they say in the other universe.

And now there's "Dancing In A Black Triangle" by the Pieter Claus Quartet. With Pieter Claus on vibraphone, Jan Ghesquière (Altertape, Sinister Sister) on guitar, Jouni Isoherranen (Humble Grumble) on bass and the exceptional Xavier Rogé (Ibrahim Maalouf).
The album presents 10 original compositions, performed by five amazing musicians.
Beautiful compositions, amazing musiciansip and impressive solos. What else does one need?

I like it. I like it a lot.
"Dancing In A Black Triangle" will not dissapoint you.

Did I already mention that the album includes a superb Zappa tribute?
Track number 9.
Entitled 'Knarf!'.

Essential listening!
Available from Solidude Records:

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