Sunday, February 22, 2015


Moonjune Records recently released Mark Wingfield's latest album, "Proof Of Light". Despite the fact that this is Mark Wingfield's sixth solo album, I have to admit that, until recently, I wasn't familiar with his music. It only made listening to "Proof Of Light" a bigger surprise.

Beautiful melodies and an incredible guitar tone.

In the liner notes, Mark Wingfield explains that he approaches the guitar like a horn player or like a singer. He adds: "When I play melodies, each note is articulated in such a way that it potentially sounds different - the pitch is fluid, the tone varies, and the attack, sustain and vibrato are all used to express nances the melody suggests to me."

Fellow companions on this musical journey are Yaron Stavi on upright bass and Asaf Sirkis on drums. The both of them stay very close to the melody lines, making the result sound very intense.

Highly recommended !!

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