Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The official story goes like this:
"In the beginning of 2012, Jean-Pierre Jonckheere ( from Les Boucles absurdes cult band ) discovered a young and outrageously talented 17 years old guy by the name of Ray Pinson. This avant garde pop guitar player was giving his first concert in a small café in his native town of Braine ( Wallonia / Belgium ). Jean-Pierre was so moved by the music that he asked for a demo. He gave it then to his old friend Pierre Vervloesem ( they played together in Itza Uchen a long time ago) who wanted directly him to be part of his P.V. Presents series.
From March to June 2012 Ray Pinson recorded his first album in his basement, mostly alone or with the help of some musician friends.
One could tell that his influences go from Zappa to Snakefinger to Ennio Moriconne to French avant pop ( as he even sings in French on 2 songs ) with a typical Belgian humour at times.
It’s a privilege for Pierre Vervloesem and the label to introduce you to the incredible music of Ray Pinson who, whithout no doubts, will become an international star in the near future."

Wether this nice little tale is true or false is not really the issue. However, the statement that the influences range from Zappa to Snakefinger to Ennio Morricone to French avant pop is as apt as possible.
"On Dirait Du Singe" is a fabulous album.
Fans of adventurous music shouldn't hesitate !!

Everybody knows that I prefer a polycarbonate disc or a vinyl album over a download as I love to cherish the objects and peruse an album cover and liner notes while the music fills the room.
Anyway, I'm glad that I made an exception for "On Dirait Du Singe".
Highly recommended.

Dowloads are available from major outlets such as amazon, iTunes, ...

More info over at the Off Labell website:


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