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a message from André Cholmondeley

2009 12 26 - The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more ....
Project/Object Tour with... Ike Willis and Ray White !!!

Project/Object with special guests... Ike Willis and Ray White !!!
The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more

Featuring: Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi

Hello and how are you?!?

Hoping you had a great Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice, Kwaanza, Pagan Sun Worship day -- or Atheistic hangout movie night!! Whatever you did or are doing, it's all good.

We are putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a historic and fantastic run with the two and only IKE WILLIS & RAY WHITE ....!!

Ike and Ray, as you know - remain two of Frank Zappa's most beloved and listened-to frontmen/vocalist/guitarists. Between them they appear on over 25 of Zappa's releases from 1978 onwards.Ike and Ray have not toured together in over TWENTY FIVE (25) YEARS !!!.

The 1984 tour ended on Dec 23, 1984, Universal Ampitheater, Universal City. Since then, as you well know, Ike Willis has toured with Project/Object for nearly 15 years, and in that time Ray White has performed with us a handful of times in San Francisco and at Festivals around the country. Those occasions remain the only times these legendary performers have shared the stage since Zappa Tour 1984.....

Now... we bring you an opportunity to see them on an exclusive New Year's/Holiday tour with Project/Object.

This tour also marks the return of an old friend and Project/Object Alumnus - Drummer Jim Ruffi. Jim did a few short runs with Ike and the band back in 1999, and he and I have been involved in several live and studio projects, including recordings with Ike Willis and unsung genius songwriter Chris McKenna. Really folks, check this man's wonderful music out.... I already know you have great taste in music !!!

Anyway.......Jim Ruffi ably steps into the drumchair as a result of Eric Slick's leave of abscence. Come check him out !!

As always, the setlist will feature some old P/O favorites, some new items from the vast Zappa catalog, and, but, especially material that Ike and Ray are known for separately and together. Just hearing these voices together in harmony is a thing of wonder. Take a look on youtube at the clips of the famous NYC Pier, August 1984 show, immortalized on the "Does Humor Belong In Music" DVD to get an idea of the dynamic these guys whip up. We hope to see you there, say hi!!!

ALSO-- as always we have our "Project/Object Local Crew Program" in effect. Many of you know what this is and have kindly participated -- For those new to the idea -- what we do is solicit volunteers from our fan base to be "roadie for a day" and help the band in/out of the club, assist with setup etc. In exchange the "roadie" gets a free ticket to the show, a beverage or two, access to soundcheck, pictures with the alumni, and autographs from Ike and Ray on their raggedy LP covers dug up from their basement.

We still need to fill in a couple cities on this tour -- especially the new ones. If you are interested in this venture ---please email me for further details and make the subject line "P/O LOCAL CREW ".
Please don't write back with the actual words in there. That will, sadly, be a failed cognition test, and we need you to be able to follow simple instructions. Being a musician -or- having a knowledge of musical equipment, and a willingness to schlep gear are all you need to qualify !

ALSO -- thanks again for all the well wishes and support. My partner Cheri Jiosne is still valiantly fighting her battle against breast cancer. After 6 months of a chemo program, she reached a plateau. For about 6 weeks now she has been on a very promising program specially geared towards her type of tumor. So far -- so good -- and we are staying upbeat and positive every day. Still -- even though some kind of beginning of a change in the US health system began yesterday with the Health Bill being passed - that won't help us financially anytime soon. I will be donated all my proceeds from this tour -as well as the profits from T-Shirt sales - to her cause.

I continue to reach out to anyone that wants to help - (THANK YOU!!!)

There is info on, scroll down to the "THANK YOU" blog post, or you can just email me.
We have TWO options:
1) sending her a check directly (email me for address or check the site)
2) donating directly via PAYPAL : send it to the address "". Note: my first name "Hugh (Cholmondeley)" will return in the confirmation email.

Every penny counts!! Even $5 will go to very good use for medications, travel to treatment etc. This sh*t is expensive!!


-Andre' Cholmondeley

Project/Object with special guests... Ike Willis and Ray White !!!
The Music Of FRANK ZAPPA..and more
Ike Willis, Ray White, Andre' Cholmondeley, David Johnsen, Eric Svalgard, Jim Ruffi

  • 2009/12/27 SELLERSVILLE PA Sellersville Theatre
  • 2009/12/28 BALTIMORE MD 8 x 10
  • 2009/12/29 PITTSBURGH PA Rex Theater
  • 2009/12/30 CLEVELAND OH Beachland Ballroom
  • 2009/12/31 EAST LANSING MI Mac's Bar
  • 2010/01/01 CHICAGO IL Martyr's
  • 2010/01/02 CHICAGO IL Martyr's
  • 2010/01/03 MILWAUKEE WI Miramar Theater
  • 2010/01/05 HARRISBURG PA The Abbey Bar @ Appalachian Brewing Co.
  • 2010/01/06 PLAINS PA River St. Jazz Club
  • 2010/01/07 NEW YORK NY BB King's Blues Club
  • 2010/01/08 CAMBRIDGE MA Regatta Bar
  • 2010/01/09 TROY NY Revolution Hall
  • 2010/01/10 NEW HAVEN CT Toad's Place
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  1. Tourlist Europa 2010:

    Project/Object feat. Ike Willis & Ray White
    Performing The Music Of Frank Zappa

    18 TUE IT Mailand "Blue Note"
    20 THU NL Eindhoven "Effenaar"
    21 FRI DE Dresden "Tante Ju"
    22 SAT DE Dortmund "Musiktheater Piano"
    24 MON DE Aschaffenburg "Colos-Saal"
    25 TUE DE Berlin "FritzClub"
    26 WED DE Bremen "Modernes" (Thomas Böhme Event Promotion)