Monday, December 21, 2015


The stream of semi official releases just doesn't stop.
And all of the titles are getting both a CD and a vinyl release.

Here's a couple of new ones, all from the same November 17, 1981 FM source.

Both of these 2LP sets were previously released as one 4LP box set, and also as a 2CD set.

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  1. Funny how a semi-official album looks more official than a semi-bootleg. If it is not the Zappa taping but the fm source, it doesn't seems more than fifty per cent official. I think that Zappa was using the rolling stones recording unit in the fall of 1981. What a great guitar anyway, with that strange 'tubular' echo distorsion. It seemed to be a peak, like at the end of 1974, and here came the 1982 european tour, even more apreciated, personaly.