Friday, December 25, 2015


Ed says: A little backstory on my 10th gift. One of the songs I recorded recently is a ballad called "Dustin's Lullaby". It's not technically a Christmas song or carol, but I include it here because of the love that the piece exudes for the dedicatee I wrote it for.
Dustin Gill is my sister Kathy's 2nd child. Conrad is the first (a song for him has been recorded and will be given away sooner or later. Same with a song I wrote for my sister Kathy).
Dustin had the tragic misfortune of being hit by a car days before his 6th birthday. He survived it but was paralyzed from the neck down and needed a ventilator for the remaining 2 decades of his very short life.
Dustin was amazing. Even with that enormous tragedy, he managed to learn how to work a computer the same way Steven Hawkings does. But quadriplegics suffer from a host of physical problems, so Dustin passed in his early 20s.
This has remained the Palermo family's most tragic event but the memory of Dustin lives on.
So with that thought:
On the 10th Day of Christmas Ed Palermo gave to me . . .
Ed says:
Okay, we're winding down.
One of my favorite TV shows of all time was TWIN PEAKS. The music was incredible!
Last year, I had the idea of arranging a mash up of SILENT NIGHT with the theme from TWIN PEAKS. We debuted it at our 2014 Christmas show at the Falcon. What you are listening to here is that performance.
On the 11th Day of Christmas Ed Palermo gave to me . . .
a mash-up of SILENT NIGHT/TWIN PEAKS THEME written by Gruber, Mohr & Badalamenti
arranged by me and recorded live at The Falcon by Ray Morelli

Ed Palermo Big Band - It's an Ed Palermo Christmas! (Reprise) Xmas EP 2015
A reprise of the title song written and arranged by Ed Palermo. From the 2015 EP, "It's an Ed Palermo Christmas! God Bless Us, Everyone!" Engineering by Steve Jankowski

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