Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The late Chris Sievey was known to the world as Frank Sidebottom.
Musician and comedian Frank Sidebottom did concerts, radio-shows and got to be seen on tv every once in a while as well.

Sidebottom reworked and recorded Don Van Vliet's 'Mirror Man' and 'Gimme Dat Harp Boy'. Both tracks got released on vinyl in 1988 on his "13:9:88" album.
The tracks can also be found on a couple of compilations.
Here's some of his fabulous album covers :

The first Frank Sidebottom album !

The second Frank Sidebottom album, with 'Gimme Dat Harp Boy' and 'Mirror Man'.

Here's the 1999 compilation CD. With both of the Beefheart songs.

Another compilation CD. Ten years later. Again with both Beefheart songs.

And this is the ultimate Frank Sidebottom box set, collecting all his vinyl releases (a number of 12"s, a 10", and both of his albums) on CD, plus a DVD

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