Sunday, February 9, 2014


Fido Plays Zappa is celebrating its 10th anniversary by releasing a USB-stick with their complete recent Gare Du Nord concert !!
An amazing idea.

I received the stick last week and really enjoyed the plus 100-minute show.
Great stuff.
If you're into Zappa's music, you definitely need to see this.
Great songs, fine arrangements.
And they make it all look so easy...

Highly recommended !!

Available as full movie on usb-stick (16gb, including audio & bonus-tracks), full movie download (3gb) or audio-only.

recorded live 21.3.2013 at gare du nord basel & elsewhere,
including bits & pieces of fido's last decade 2003-2013

dave muscheidt: vocals
oli friedli: piano
martin medimorec: vibraphone, marimba, percussion
stef strittmatter: guitar & vocals
pascal grünenfelder: bass & vocals
remy sträuli: drums & vocals
dave blaser: trumpet & flugelhorn
alex hilbe: alto & baritone sax
ueli pletscher: tenor sax
christof huber: trombone

cameras: sergio cassini & crew
editor: andy christen
audio: dave muscheidt, megapeng
sound & tec: regine wetterwald, soundpool

all music written by frank zappa, arranged by pascal grünenfelder & fido

1. filthy habits
2. camarillo brillo
3. muffin man
4. evelyn a modified dog
5. black napkins
6. the piano question
7. eat that question
8. let's move to cleveland
9. dupree's paradise
10. don't eat the yellow snow
11. nanook rubs it
12. st. alfonzo's pancake breakfast
13. father o'blivion
14. echidna's arf (of you)
15. don't you ever wash that thing
16. jewish princess
17. teenage wind
18. zomby woof
19. zoot allures
20. uncle remus
21. san ber'dino
22. flakes
23. harder than your husband

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