Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Lexolo is Lex Kemper's alias, and it does have a nice ring to it means that Lex is performing solo: Lexolo.
I know Lex as he used to play the guitar for The Foolz, a Dutch Zappa coverband. In 2009, Lex quit The Foolz to persue other projects. In the meantime, The Foolz have recovered and Lex is doing fine as well.

"Bon Vivant" is Lex's first solo album. It presents 12 beautiful acoustic guitar pieces. The disc includes a couple of Antonio Carlos Jobim tunes, a fine Django Rheinhardt composition, a few seventies classic (The Kinks, Randy Newman, The Bee Gees) and some Zappa material.

  • birmingham (randy newman)

  • your song (elton john)

  • desafinado (antonio carlos jobim)

  • sofa (frank zappa)

  • georgia on my mind (ray charles)

  • how deep is your love (brothers gibb)

  • let's make the water turn black (frank zappa)

  • manoir de mes rèves (django rheinhardt)

  • sunny afternoon (ray davies)

  • a felicidade (antonio carlos jobim)

  • misirlou (traditional)

  • sleep dirt (frank zappa)

I'm quite impressed. If you're into acoustic bossa nova / nylon jazz guitar, you'll like this.
"Bon Vivant" is an impressive showcase.
Lex performs live on a regular basis at various pubs in Apeldoorn, NL, so if you're in the neighbourhood, you should check his concert schedule.

Check out the demos and contact Lex to order this album through his website:


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