Thursday, March 29, 2012


Last Shop Standing is a collaboration between award winning feature film company Blue Hippo Media and Proper Music Publishing Ltd.

Based on the successful book by Graham Jones of the same name, "Last Shop Standing" will be a 60-minute documentary to be released in the summer of 2012. It will be a celebration of the unique spirit of comradeship and entrepreneurial ingenuity that has enabled so many shops to keep operating successfully against the backdrop of massive changes in the music industry, the biggest recession in years, the growth of online file sharing, and the explosion of choice in music consumption.

Did you know…

Not long ago there was a record shop on every high street, but over 500 independent record stores have closed during the last few years.
But record shops were always more than retail outlets. They are part of our culture; they support new bands and local talent. A place for musicians and music fans to congregate, to browse away a few hours, to walk away with music they didn't know existed.

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