Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Finnish musician and composer Jimi Tenor's real name is Lassi Lehto. He was born in Lahti, Finland in 1965.
Jimi Tenor's main instruments are the sax and the flute, but he's also into electronics and percussion.
He has explored rock, soul, lounge and big band music and afrojazz.

Tony Allen, on the other hand, is a Nigerian drummer who was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1940. He moved to Paris in 1980 and is currently living in Paris. Best known for his work with Fela Kuti, Tony Allen is considered the founder of the afrobeat genre.

"Inspiration Information" is a series of releases by the Strut Record label where they ask musicians from different musical cultures to go in the studio and to record together.
Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen took the challenge and the result can be heard on "Inspiration Information 4".

As you can imagine, "Inspiration Information 4" turned out fine. The music is a mixture of funk and jazz with energizing african rhytms.

Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen's "Inspiration Information 4" is an impressive album. It has great melodies, excellent arrangements (love those different layers!!), and fine improvisations.

Check it out!!


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