Saturday, May 26, 2018


... Anyway, there’ll be no rest for the wicked as our heroes head straight back into the studio to add some finishing touches to the forthcoming ‘Intruders’ album, which is already sounding wonderful. Tyrone and Erkie will be busying themselves with that whilst Cha-Cha and Eekie oversee the completion of the ‘I AM A RESIDENT!’ project – news of that should be hitting your mailboxes any moment…

... The next two ‘pREServed’ releases are well underway too – everything The Residents can find related to ‘Eskimo’ and ‘The Commercial Album’ has now been excavated and worked into something digestible, and those releases are anticipated sometime around November – just in time to ruin your mother’s Christmas!

... There’ll also be a ‘Mole Trilogy’ box set, an ‘American Composers Series’ thing, ‘God In 3 Persons’, ‘Cube-E’ and, rumour has it, a ‘Pre-Residents 1971-1972’ pREServed set all heading your way in 2019 too.

... Oh, and on the subject of hearing shit, there’s the W***** B*** Album Record Store Day release to talk about too….. While The Residents hope you liked it (although THEY insist THEY never heard of it and have no idea where it came from), THEY are extremely grateful to anyone dumb enough to buy it. They also hope the artwork didn’t spoil anybody’s lunch. And not to worry, those of you without a turntable, a CD version of the album will be along as part of that Pre-Residents pREServed package before you know it, along with something called ‘B*** S**’ (which THEY also never heard of and we must never name) and a bunch of live and rehearsal recordings from that period in time. Word of warning, there are a lot of takes on ‘Kamikaze Lady’. A LOT. Like, dozens. ‘Kamikaze Lady’ this, ‘Kamikaze Lady’ that… If The Residents had their way, there’d be an entire ‘Kamikaze Lady pREServed’ set, but it just feels like too much. For now, anyway.

... The coming months will also see news of the ‘Double Trouble’ movie, which you may or may not be aware of – you can watch the trailer if you need to catch up. There are, of course, a handful of legal issues to figure out with Randy, as ever, but nothing a few bucks or a hot meal won’t put to bed. That guy is a mess right now, so he won’t be a problem.

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