Sunday, March 14, 2010


the latest 10” release in Wallace Records’ PhonoMetak series is another split recording. Side A has On Fillmore with one 10 minute piece, while the B side presents Massimo Pupillo, Uchihashi Kazushisa and Yoshigaki Yasuhiro with a 9 minute piece.

On Fillmore makes a good impression with ‘Fever Dream’, a psychedelic, exotic soundscape for which the title fits perfectly. Bass player Darin Gray and drummer Glenn Kotche aren’t afraid to experiment.

The Pupillo, Kazuhisa, Yasuhiro setting takes it a bit further and goes for a free form exercise. Their ‘In the Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts’ was recorded live at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in 2008 and the guitar / bass / drums trio performs an experimental rock composition.

Here's Pupillo with Brotzmann

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