Tuesday, March 10, 2020


from Alex Winter :

Hey all. I hope everyone is staying safe out there as the world deals with the expanding Covid-19 health crisis. There are much more important issues at play here obviously, but I wanted to leave a quick note about how our film is being impacted so people are aware. The SXSW festival cancelled, which prevented our film from having its world premiere there. We are currently scheduled to screen at CPH:DOX in Copenhagen on March 19, unless they too cancel. And there are other festivals around the world that have accepted the film, which we can't name until they officially announce, and at this time we aren't sure if they will continue as planned or cancel. Likewise, as Los Angeles is in a state of emergency, we had to postpone the Hollywood premiere and other backer screenings until such time that we can safely hold these screenings.

It's very frustrating for us, as I'm sure it is for all of you. But safety is most important and the health crisis at hand is a very serious one. Wishing everyone the best at this time, and I will post more news as we have it.

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