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4th STREAM FESTIVAL at Bozart in Brussels.

For the second year running, BOZAR & VOLTA have put together programme of edgy jazz. Listen and watch as local and international artists tease and cross the boundaries of jazz, fusing the genre with other styles, from nu jazz through electro, funk, hip-hop, nouvelle vague, free jazz, spoken word and ambient to psychedelic or minimalist music. You name it, we’ve included it. Why ‘4th Stream’? If classical music is first stream and jazz second, then, according to composer Gunter Schuller, anything which combines, distorts and extends the two genres is 'third stream'. At BOZAR, however, we're going even a step further. At 4th Stream promises traces of every musical genre.


Day 1: 2times Nothing, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet

Day 2: Vels Trio, Warm Bad, Ruby Rushton, Vula Viel, Tenderlonious DJ Set

Day 3: Broos/Gyselinck/Laheye, Anteloper, Pulcinella, AAN/EOP

Check out the Spotify playlist :

​​​​​​​Spotify Playlist:

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