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Wednesday, July 15, 2015, the Frank Out! band with special guests Robert Martin, Albert Wing, Siglinde Koch-Sembdner and Uwe Warschkow performed a concert at the St. Katharinenkirche in Hamburg. It was the opening concert for the Zappanale festival that started one day later in Bad Doberan.

The J.S.Bach Society has been organizing these "Zappa Spielt Für Bach" concerts for quite some years now. All in support of the restoration of the church organ and each time opening for the Zappanale festival.

In 2015, it was up to Zappa coverband Frank Out! and a series of special guests. My memories of the concert tell me that I wasn't too happy afterwards. Churches are not fit to host rock bands. There was way too much echoing and delay present, resulting in a very muddy sound.
Fortunately, German radio NDR was there to make a recording. The result, which I imagine to be taken directly from the soundboard, sounds really good. REALLY good.
I enjoyed listening to this concert again.

Lots of Zappa material. Great vocals by Robert Martin and Harry Seibel (!). Nice free jazz improv by Albert Wing. Excellent performances by all.
The band also performed a piece that was written by Robert Martin, called 'Devil Dance'. Nice.

frank out!
  thomas jung: keyboard, vocals
  kai rothfuchs: guitar, vocals
  harry seibel: vocals
  george rademachter: guitar
  jürgen kocher: bass
  dieter steinmann: drums
  robert martin: keyboard, vocals, french horn
  albert wing: saxophone
  siglinde koch- sembdner: harp
  uwe warschkow: chromatic harmonica

  1. zoot allures (frank zappa)
  2. society pages / carolina hard-core ecstasy (frank zappa)
  3. trouble every day / zomby woof (frank zappa)
  4. what's new in baltimore? (frank zappa)
  5. arioso, f-dur, bwv (j.s. bach)
  6. siciliano, es-dur, bwv (j.s. bach)
  7. devil dance (robert martin)
  8. peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  9. yo' mama / welcome to the united states (frank zappa)
  10. love of my life (frank zappa)
  11. whippin' post (greg alman)

Recommended !

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