Friday, July 3, 2015


The last couple of years, Yumi Hara has suprised me a number of times. There was the excellent "Upstream" album with Geoff Leigh, the impressive soundscapes on "Dream Of The Gryllidae" with Tony Lowe, and the more psychedelic "Mitsugi - Esoteric Rituals" release by Mammal Machine, to name just three.

One of the more recent projects that Yumi Hara took part in is called "The Artaud Beats. It also features Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler and John Greaves. Check your Henry Cow albums if these names don't ring a bell.
The four of them met at the Avantgarde Festival in Germany in 2009, resulting in an inpromptu Henry Cow tribute concert.
Adopting the name The Artaud Beats, the quartet did another gig at the Nodutgang Festivalen in 2011, followed by two tours in Japan.

The Artaud Beats released a box set and some CDR's with material from their Japanese tours, but now there's "Logos", the band's first studio release.

8 tracks. 8 compositions.
Experimental music.
Beautiful and intriguing.

Available from ReR Recommended Records (Europe), Wayside (USA) and DiskUnion (Japan).

Check it out !


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