Tuesday, July 28, 2015


A couple of days ago, I showed you the list of bands that are already scheduled to perform at the next edition of Zappanale festival.
The next edition, so that's July 2016 !

Here's some extra info.

The Grandmothers (with Don Preston and Bunk Gardner) will be teaming up with Fried Dahn's Yellow String Quartet.
This will be something very special.
The Grandmothers and the Yellow String Quartet already shared the stage during the Grandmothers' encore at the ZappaUnion festival in Oso, november 2014.
This time they will be doing a complete concert together.

The Magic Band will be bringing the music of Captain Beefheart to Bad Doberan. Special guest appearances from Don Preston and Bunk Gardner are being arranged.

Daevid Allen passed away only a couple of months ago. Gong will continue as Gong 2 and will be performing at Zappanale.

Florida-based Bogus Pomp has performed in Zappa Town Bad Doberan in 2005, 2008 and 2012. Memorable concerts. Jerry Outlaw's heavy guitar lines fit perfectly with Frank Zappa's compositions.

Z.E.R.O. or the Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra released a very impressive album earlier this year. Another band from the U.S.A.
The Zappa Early Renaissance Orchestra performs the music of Frank Zappa with a lot of respect and with a fine dose of humour. Ever heard Zappa's music performed on ukulele? Among others, Z.E.R.O. features Kevin Crosby, Rupert Kettle and Alli Bach !! And yes, you should know both Kevin and Alli from Pojama People.

The combination of Madame Tussaud and Marcel Duchamp do not ring any musical bells over here. Neither does Dekadenz.
But Tarentatec sure does.
Tarentatec is a great (and crazy) jazzrock band from Germany. When they perform the music of Frank Zappa, they call themselves Aufrichtiges Zappa. If I'm informed correctly, Tarentatec decided to play the music of Frank Zappa as a birthday party gift to the father of one of their band members. They had so much fun that they decided to keep on doing it.
I like that story. Even if it might not be true...

Cowboys From Hell are a top, high energy Swiss trio. They have two excellent albums out. I saw them perform at the Zapperlot festival in Switzerland last year. Superb!!


And it looks as if the party already started. Here's some guy with a Z.E.R.O. t-shirt.
Spotted in Belgium, of all places.

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