Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Each and every year, the Zappanale festival ends with a so-called 'Good-Bye Session'. Musicians from different bands gather on the main stage and jam a bit, performing Frank Zappa tunes.
Always unrehearsed and a bit sloppy, but a good habit nonetheless.

This year, The Wilmington School Of Rock took the stage at the start of the Good-Bye Session, later to be joined or to relieved by members of The Muffin Men, Max Kutner (of The Grandmothers), Eric Klerks (of The Magic Band) and Denny Walley (of Zappa's Mothers and Captain Beefheart), to name a few.

The show got recorded and was made available on DVDR in a very limited quantity (about 20 copies) shortly after the concert.

Here's a YouTube snippet. Not recorded from the stage as the above mentioned DVDR, but from the audience. Still, an excellent recording.

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