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Dutch band Studio Tan performs the music of Frank Zappa next to original compositions.
The band started out in the early 1990s and performed at the Zappanale festival in 1993 and 1995.

During the early years, Studio Tan released a couple of cassette tapes: "Studio Tan Rides Again", and "Shit Happens".

More recently, at the Zappadag that was held in Tilburg a couple of months ago, I received a copy of "Gaan We Opnemen?" from John Sijnke. It's a collection of demos and rehearsals by Studio Tan.

The Zappadag was a fine event. Three bands performed with Studio Tan closing the day with a 2-hour plus set.

Factorium Bigband - 2013 10 13 Tilburg NL

Factorium Bigband
conductor : Bas van Dun

Son Of Mr Green Genes * America Drinks And Goes Home * Peaches En Regalia * Blessed Relief
Blessed Relief Reprise

The White Page - 2013 10 13 Tilburg NL 49.44 AUD MC(UniMuta)

Jos Zwaanenburg: flute, lead vocals, electronics
David Demarez: bass, backing vocals
Thomas Martens: guitar
Pieter van Helden: guitar
Stormvogel: keyboards, backing vocals
Onno Witte: drums, backing vocals

intro by John Sijnke * intro * Uncle Meat * Oh No * Black Napkins * Outside Now * Big Swifty * band introduction * Alien Orifice

Studio Tan - 2013 10 13 Tilburg NL


 Frank van der Zande: bass
 Hans Geerdink: guitar
 Allaert Pesman: alto & baritone sax and vocals
 Rik Meesters: tenor sax
 Louis van den Enden: drums
 Henk Vroon: guitar and vocals
 Jan Broeks: tenor sax
 Frank Fish: vocals

soundcheck * Motherly Love * Pygmy Twylyte * Let's Make The Water Turn Black * Lemme Take You To The Beach * Filthy Habits - The Torture Never Stops * Oh No - Orange County Lumber Truck - More Trouble Every Day * Tryin' To Grow A Chin * Lonesome Cowboy Burt * City Of Tiny Lites * King Kong * Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance * a band that doesn't exist, explained by John Sijnke * Pink Napkins - Black Napkins - Sofa * introducing Frank Fish and Jan Broeks * Wino Man * Camarillo Brillo * Chunga's Revenge * We Are Not Alone * Dirty Love *  I'm The Slime * Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station * Sinktrip Ska * Muffin Man
Cosmik Debris * Let's Move To Cleveland


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