Sunday, March 2, 2014


  • sax ruins: blimmguass
        (2014, cd, ??, skin graft)
You might know Tatsuya Yoshida from his recordings with Acid Mothers Temple, or from his Koenjhyakkei and Koekyojinn projects, but Ruins is considered Tatsuya Yoshida's primary musical outlet. The last couple of years, the band mutated into Sax Ruins (where a saxophonist replaces the bass player).
Besides Tatsuya Yoshida, "Blimmguass", features alto saxophonist Ono Ryoko.

Sax Ruins music has been described as hyper-kinetic big band jazz and I can't find a better word for it.
If you like Flat Earth Society, Tetzepi, or LeBocal, you should definitely check out Sax Ruins.

Available from Mandaï.

Here's a track from Sax Ruins' previous album:

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