Sunday, March 23, 2014


What a weekend...
The place to be was Antwerp, BE, where international art campus 'De Singel' hosted the Arf Arf Arf! festival.

"International", you say?
Well, I would think so. I saw friends from Norway, Sweden, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands,...

Friday evening, Capt. Cheese-Beard & The 7 Sisters Of Prevention opened the festival.
Capt.Cheese-Beard and his Sisters have been performing the music of Frank Zappa for about five years. The frequency of their concerts is not that high, but they've performed in and around Brussels and Antwerp, and they've also played at the German Zappanale festival in 2009.

A lot of things have been happening with Capt. Cheese-Beard & His 7 Sisters lately.
Due to personal reasons, vocalist John Van Steenlandt had to leave the band earlier this year.Furthermore, the last couple of months, frontman Johan De Coninck has been writing and recording music in preparation of an album with his own original material.
Despite these difficulties and distractions, Capt. Cheese-Beard gathered at Arf Arf Arf!

For the occasion, special guest Robert Martin joined the band on vocals and keyboards.

(picture by Steffen Schindler)


  • Johan De Coninck: vocals, guitar
  • Robert Martin: vocals, keyboard
  • Vanessa Spay: vocals
  • Didier De Meestere: drums
  • Pascal Hauben: bass
  • Pierre Chevalier: keyboards
  • Bart Quartier: mallets
  • Maayan Smith: tenor sax
  • Ludovic Jean Mart: alto sax
  • Tom Van Dyck: baritone sax
  • Mo Fanken: trumpet
And there's more familiar names in the list: you might have seen Bart Quartier performing the music of FZ with the Muze Jazz Orchestra; there's Maayan Smith who's part of Pieter Claus' Sinister Sister project ; and Ludovic Jean Mart was part of The Wrong Object in their early days...
Small world.

The set was short but sweet.
A fine opener for the festival.
The band sounded fine and Robert Martin did an excellent job. Everyone enjoyed it.
  • The Torture Never Stops
  • City Of Tiny Lites
  • Advance Romance
  • Inca Roads
  • Yo' Mama

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