Sunday, March 23, 2014


Adding bits and pieces to the United Mutations Archives, here's the GPS album "Window To The Soul".

When UK folded in the late seventies, bass player John Wetton (who had also been a part of King Crimson in his earlier career) started supergroup Asia.
At that time Asia consisted of John Wetton, Steve Howe (Yes), Carl Palmer (ELP) and Geoffrey Downes (Yes).

After John Wetton's departure in 1991, John Payne joined the band and they continued as Asia.

In 2006, Asia included John Payne, Geoffroy Downes, Jay Schellen and guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan (who had joined the band in 2001).
When Geoffrey Downes left the band to reform Asia with the original members, John Payne wasn't too happy. Together with Jay Schellen and Guthrie Govan he continued as "Asia featuring John Payne". In-between the legal disputes, Payne, Schellen and Govan recorded "Window To The Soul" and released it as GPS.

Guthrie Govan left GPS around 2009.
Nowadays, he's one of The Aristocrats (with Bryan Beller and Marco Minnemann) !

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