Thursday, May 30, 2019


There's a brand-new Zappa tribute album out by the Orchestre Franck Tortiller. The title might be a misleading as it's an Orchestre and not really a vocal choir but the picture on the album cover does give enough clues of what to expect.

"Shut Up 'N Sing Your Zappa" is a very fine album. There's only six tracks on this 60-minute plus albums but they're beautifully arranged by Franck Tortiller with lots of fine details and enough room for some great solos.
Love those horns !!

franck tortiller: vibraphone
matthieu vial-collet: vocals, guitar
pierre bernier: saxophones
maxime berton: saxophones
abel jednak: saxophones
joël chausse: trumpet
rémy béesau: trumpet
tom caudelle: euphonium, bass trumpet
léo pellet: trombone
yovan girard: violin, vocals
pierre-antoine chaffangeon: fender rhodes piano
pierre elgrishi: bass
vincent tortiller: drums

all compositions by frank zappa, arranged by franck tortiller
  1. brown shoes don't make it
  2. montana
  3. mother people / igor's boogie
  4. joe's garage
  5. florentine pogen
  6. andy

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