Friday, May 24, 2019


Guitarist and composer Gene Pritsker co-founded the Absolute Ensemble with Kristian Jarvi.
He was one of the people behind the "Absolute Zappa" program that the Absolute Ensemble performed in 2004 with special guests Mike Keneally and Napoleon Murphy Brock.

Gene was part of the ensemble, playing the guitar parts, and arranging most of the Zappa pieces.

I was happy to attend the September 2004 performance in Cologne.  Still have vivid memories of it!

Next November, Gene Pritsker's music will be performed next to a number of Frank Zappa pieces (arranged by Gene).

‘Zappa Ripped My Flesh’ project performed in Absam, Austria at Gemeindemuseum

‘Zappa Ripped My Flesh’ project performed at Cafe Museum in Passau, Germany.

Here's a 2004 snippet from the Bremen show :

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