Sunday, February 10, 2019


Dear Zappafans,
the program of the 30th Zappanale is taking shape.

We‘ve received an above-average amount of applications and the musicians I‘d like to book for this year are demanding some patience from me.

It‘s been your wish over and over again to see one highlight of our memorable 13th Zappanale, Ed Palermo.
Ed Palermo will come to our 30th jubilee in full line-up with all his wind section.
Additionally he will strike up together with Napoleon Murphy Brock.

At the GrandMothers Of Invention concert Ed Palermo will be part of the band with his wind players. More musicians who want to play with GMOI have still to be clarified.
The show from the GMOI will differ from last year‘s concert. I think that with Zappanale #30 they will bid their final farewell to us. It‘s been their great wish to be again part of the 30th Zappanale. We are happy and looking forward to seeing Don and Bunk again, because they have been the first of Frank Zappa‘s companions who performed at the Zappanale. We are united by long years of shared history.

The negotiations with Ensemble Musikfabrik are concluded. Here we will get a program on a very high level, which will be in this vein for the first time at the Zappanale. I‘m actually trying to win Napoleon to fly to Cologne on Thursday before Zappanale to audition together with the Ensemble.

Percussion Under Construction (a branch of the Saarländisches Staatstheater) is going to delight us with 8 musicians playing a Zappa program and later on the Mystery Stage again with a smaller line-up with music from Edgar Varese.

It goes without saying that Jazzprojekt Hundehagen, our house band, must not be missing our jubilee and will be present, too, of course.

Det Skandalose Orkester from Norway will throw the party on Saturday night.

Das Duo Zement will make us happy with sounds à la Cluster and early Kraftwerksound.

Hopefully Ali’N Askin, a former companion of Frank Zappa, is going to escort us into the sunset like 6 years ago.

The AMM-All Stars are going to offer us an interesting version of „Lumpy Gravy“.

And now it‘s time for the second round for all remaining bands.

Music is the best!

Euer Zappanale Team

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