Saturday, August 12, 2017


Jamband Phish makes every concert that they play available. As a download, but most of them also on CD. They've been doing it for a  couple of years now;
I have a couple of these shows. Yes, the ones where they play 'Peaches En Regalia', the Frank Zappa composition.
I mentioned some recent ones a couple of weeks ago.

I should check the Live Phish website again one of these days, 'cause I'm pretty sure that more shows that feature 'Peaches' have been released...

In the meantime, my friend Danny sent me an update for the Phish discography. Counting the Live Phish concert album that the band has released the last year, they have released 385 albums to date !!
Three hundred and eighty-five albums.
I updated the Phish entry at United Mutations with the studio albums.
Album titles only. 18 to date.

Here's Phish performing 'Purple Rain' with a vacuum cleaner (!!) solo...

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